Whilst we do our best to prevent mistakes in the book (and due partly) to the pre-release nature of the content mistakes happen - and well sometimes we just screw up..

Below is a list of issues that we are aware of, we apologise for any inconvience these may have caused and these issues will be fixed in subsequent editions.

Page 5 (Introduction) Phillip Laureano's comment is listed under the books authors and technical reviewer section. Phil contributed a comment but was not involved in the book beyond this.

Page 23 - "Scott Hansleman" should of course be "Scott Hanselman"

On Page 43 (IDE) the code caption reads "Listing x-x. Test classes". chapter references to WS-ARIA should be WAI-ARIA

On page 136 ( the text reads:
"Let's talk to Barry Dorrans, the original developer of AntiXSS and author of Wrox's Beginning ASP.NET Security, about AntiXSS and XSS attacks."
Barry has informed me that this is incorrect and that he was not the original developer of the open source AntiXss project and is unsure of its original developer. If you are the original developer please contact us and we will credit your work.

Note a few early editions of the book contain a joke about red haired individuals made by the author not Barry that was removed from later editions. I apologise for any offence this silly joke may have caused anyone.

Page 144 code needs formatting properly

Page 220 expands CDN acronym (content delivery network), yet Page 151 assumes reader knows about it.

Page 212 closing } required